Lifestyle Medicine for the Mama's Body Mind and Soul

"We don't have to do all of it alone. We were never meant to."

Brené Brown


Here are some things we may achieve by working together:



You’ll ditch the sluggishness and have plenty of energy to wrangle kids even on sleepless nights.

Say goodbye to those nagging little aches and pains.

You might even drop a few L-B's, lose the bloat, and feel stronger + leaner in your skin.

Your skin may clear up, and people will start asking you your secret to your glow (or they'll think you're pregnant again!)



Brain fog will be a thing of the past.

Improved focus, productivity and efficiency will create more time to spend how you’d like.

Making decisions will be so easy! You will be crystal clear on your goals, values, and passions, allowing for choices aligned with what you really want for your life.

You’ll let go of that constant hum of self-doubt in your mind, second-guessing all of your food, fitness, even skincare choices.



No more crying in the shower! You'll feel like a better mother, a stronger partner, and generally more empowered in ALL of your roles.

You'll be more present with your family and friends.

Feel more connected, grounded, and in control of all aspects of your life.

Gain clarity over your self-identity and values, reshaping your perspective as a mama.

Erin gave me tools and resources that I could use on a continuum so that I don’t revert back to the “overwhelming, exhaustion days..trying to be a supermom, super wife”. I feel great and I feel accomplished. Erin is an excellent Women’s Health Coach and I recommend her 100%. Her support enabled me to live my best life.
— Naja

Research shows that creating sustainable lifestyle changes takes time. I want you to take pride in your successes and leverage any slip-ups to achieve BIG results. 

My programs are designed to be practical and client-centered. While I may relate to your struggles from my experiences, I recognize that your journey is uniquely yours.


Some topics we can work through:

  • reactivating core after having kids

  • pain- arthritis, autoimmune-related pain- particularly low back, hip, pelvic floor + SI joint pain

  • energy levels

  • stress management

  • sleep

  • hormonal function, including adrenals

  • weight loss resistance

  • mindset

  • exercise

  • mindfulness, meditation, deep breathing, + progressive relaxation techniques

  • autoimmunity

  • role of oral, vaginal, and gut microbiomes on overall health

Erin combines physiology and psychology to create body positive therapy that focuses on the acute issue and also encourages healthy habits for the long haul. I went in with a foot problem and came out with a friend!
— April


Ready to get your groove back, mama?

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