My manifesto to my fellow mamas:

Erin Collins - founder of My Wellness Collective. Manifesto to fellow mamas.
  • You deserve to live your best life.

  • You deserve to prioritize your health. Not only does it NOT make you a bad mother, but it makes you a BETTER mother, partner, friend, human, and whatever other hat you wear.

  • You are your best advocate.

  • Peeing your pants is not normal- not even a little. I’ll help you throw away those panty liners.

  • You should be able to wake up in the morning feeling refreshed- not like you ran a marathon in your sleep.

  • Gas is normal- being embarrassed by stinking up every yoga class is not.

  • Sex is fun. It should not be painful or unsatisfying because of hormones or pelvic floor issues.

  • Body parts aren’t “bad.” That back, hip, or knee has more potential than you think to feel good every day.

  • It’s not normal to get to work and not remember driving there. You CAN get rid of “mom brain.”

  • Food and exercise are healing, and tons of research backs that up.

  • You deserve to LOVE yourself completely- body, mind, and soul.

Ready to reclaim your body?