Q: When I’ve gone to physical therapy in the past, they recommended 2-3 visits every week. Why does your program only include weekly visits?

A: While your sessions may include traditional physical therapy interventions, the services I offer are anything but conventional. I address any musculoskeletal complaints from a whole-person approach, considering things like sleep quality, nutrition, movement, stress, past trauma, etc. in the context of your specific health goals.

Therefore, my approach is best suited for mild-moderate, chronic symptoms, or for symptoms that haven’t been bad enough to pursue more formal care so we can reduce the risk of full-blown injury.

Should your complaint be severe enough to require more intensive treatment, I encourage you to seek out traditional physical therapy care, and I’d be more than happy to refer you to a number of amazing colleagues.

Q: Are you a pelvic floor physical therapist? Do you do internal work?

A: While I do address the pelvic floor in terms of exercise and education, something that is a normal part of orthopedic physical therapy, I am not a pelvic floor specialist, nor do I perform internal services. Should you require these services, I’d be happy to refer you to a specialist in the area.

Q: What if I don’t have any pain or dysfunction and don’t need physical therapy?

A: We can certainly still work together! Physical therapists are the ultimate exercise specialist, and exercise should be a part of everyone’s wellness plan in some form or another. Thus, I can make individualized recommendations for specific exercises to optimize your current program, reduce injury risk, improve posture, amp up sexual satisfaction, better suit your energy levels, and generally support your unique health wants and needs.

Q: What exactly is Lifestyle Medicine?

A: Lifestyle Medicine is defined by the American College of Preventive Medicine as the evidence-based therapeutic approach to prevent, treat and reverse lifestyle-related chronic diseases.

Basically, this means I’m going to help you optimize your health by working through all aspects of how you live your life, such as how you manage stress, your exercise regimen, what you eat, how well you sleep, etc. And I’m going to do this from a science-minded perspective.

Q: Will you communicate with my physician or personal trainer?

A: I’d love to! I’m happy to work with any member of your healthcare team to ensure that we’re all on the same page.

Q: Can you tell me more about what I’ll experience while working with you?

A: Sure! After we have our first chat and choose to move forward working together, I’ll send you some intake paperwork to fill out and return to me before our initial session. This allows me to make the most out of the time we share together by getting this important information ahead of time.

During your first session, we’ll clarify your health vision to establish concrete goals of what you’d like to accomplish from working with me. I’ll also dig a little deeper into your current lifestyle and health state which may include a full musculoskeletal assessment to determine what physical therapy interventions are appropriate. From there, I’ll help you devise a practical roadmap to that long-term vision of health. You’ll leave your first session with 1-3 action steps, or “homework,” that make sense to you to complete before your next session with me.

Follow-up sessions will include a review of how well you did completing that homework, reflecting on what came up along the way. We’ll also incorporate any PT interventions, movement analysis, and/or exercise guidance into every session. I’ll ask you to set an intention for every visit of something specific you want to work on or discuss to ensure your session is all about you.

Along the way, expect celebrations of achievements big and small, encouragement, reflection, a safe space to be heard, and frequent, objective check-ins with your progress using tools like the Holistic Women’s Health Assessment questionnaire.

(By the way, all sessions are one-on-one and completed in a private space with use of equipment in a shared studio gym space if needed).

Q: Why are your packages only 6 weeks? That doesn’t seem too individualized.

A: Physiological change takes time, whether it’s developing the strength and control to stabilize your spine or creating new behavior patterns that produce improvements in your energy levels.

In order for you to experience successful outcomes, I need you to commit to a minimum amount of time to make that happen. In fact, a shorter program may leave you feeling like you wasted your time, energy, and money.

A number of women may come to the end of the initial 6 week program and want to continue working together to support bigger transformations. For these women, I offer the option of purchasing additional sessions in any quantity at the same rate to further customize their experience.

Q: What types of physical therapy interventions do you offer?

A: I am a hands-on therapist with a strong neuromotor focus. As appropriate, I perform joint mobilizations, movement analysis, exercise prescription with lots of cueing to ensure proper performance, ergonomic advice for workstation set-ups, postural correction, muscle-energy techniques (MET) and soft tissue mobilization, including scar mobilization and myofascial work.

I have been certified in Astym and Hawk Grips treatment techniques (instrument-assisted soft tissue work), and apply these teachings using non-proprietary instruments.

I do not perform HVLA manipulations as I find my methods produce better long-term outcomes for my clients.

I do not currently utilize ultrasound or electrical stimulation.


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