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3 super simple, do anywhere moves to wake up those sleepy core muscles for a safer + more effective workout

something i saw a ton in the clinic- in men, women, young + old- are inhibited core muscles.

Given what pregnancy and childbirth do to us mamas’ cores, teaching women how to properly care for their core should be standard issue education for all women during prenatal and postpartum care.

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Feel Stronger, Stand Taller and Reduce Injury Risk

I've got the ONE thing you can start doing today that will make a ginormous impact on how your body works, and more importantly how you FEEL in your body.

When you look down at your feet while walking, which way does your second toe point? Is it straight ahead or slightly out?

Most people tend to walk with a slight amount of turn out, or external rotation, coming from the hip, and often this is accompanied by some level of pain or discomfort in the body. Often, I see this movement pattern in individuals with low back or hip pain, plantar fasciitis (arch/heel pain), tight calves, and even arthritis of the big toe.

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