Kombucha... Oh How I Love Thee...

Do you ladies partake in the 'booch? I am sad to say that my love affair with the fizzy drink started fairly recently. I tried a DISgusting one 5 or 6 years ago, and that made me swerve far away from the bottles in the grocery store. I have no clue what it was that made it taste like rancid cabbage, but it was some nasty stuff.

But now.. I can't get enough. I've built my confidence back up to try quite the variety of flavors, and I haven't found one taste anywhere near as terrible as that first try. Maybe I got a bad one??

Lessons learned? Always be up for second chances! AND I was totally missing out on tons of healthy goodness.


They are so refreshing.. especially during the hot summer (or after the fundraiser hot yoga class I agreed to take on a 90+degree day).

But, really.. the best part is HOW GOOD THEY ARE FOR YOU!

I love the ginger turmeric blends the best because of the powerful anti-inflammatory magic of those herbs. However, there's sooooo many good ones to try. Lime mint coconut, strawberry basil, blueberry ginger, berry lavender, pink lemonade... I could go on for days.

They are loaded with gut-friendly probiotics, and the ginger in some flavors also does double duty to help settle any tummy troubles you may be dealing with. Some of them even throw in adaptogens to help support your body's stress response.


Try adding these to your routine a few times a week, and see if you notice the difference with bloating, constipation, gassiness, diarrhea, indigestion, or any other tummy troubles you may be having.

I'm loving them so much, my next DIY project is learning how to brew it myself! What's your favorite flavors?

PS-- As a word of caution for my pregnant friends, you may want to avoid these until after you're holding that lovebug in your arms. While many pregnant mamas drink these, some women choose not to (as do those who strictly abstain from alcohol) as there's a teeny tiny bit of alcohol produced from the fermentation process, and you'll probably see this warning on the bottles. As always, that decision is between you and your doctor.

NourishmentErin Collins