Find Authentic Balance In Your Life


this is something that is soo freaking important yet used to seem so unattainable to me.

it also seems like this time of year balance goes out the window because i'm trying to do it all.

ironically, this is the time of year when we start to reflect on the year behind us, look forward to what's coming next, and try to figure out how to get a bit more balance in our lives.

it's also the time of year when we are inundated by TV segments, magazine articles, and posts like mine talking to us about the importance of finding more balance in the new year.

i think most of us know how important it is, but actually *doing it* is what's so elusive.

and you know what the sucky truth is? no one can tell you how to do it. no one can share the secret with a 100% guarantee that it's going to work.

we have to find these answers within ourselves.

we find them through trial and error, examining our values, being honest with ourselves, and listening to our intuition.

we have to be willing to accept that sometimes we can't have it all and do it all without sacrificing the idea that we *deserve* to have it all and do it all.


we have to keep working towards that ideal to keep us inspired and moving forward. but, we have to factor in reality. we are human, so if we don't include laughter, fun, rest, and stillness in that vision, we end up burned out, depressed, tired, and/or sick.

when i work with clients, i help them find the answers that work for them. i help them explore their values in the context of their actual life. i hold a mirror up for their thoughts. i help them brainstorm. sometimes, i provide relevant education when a client wants to learn more about a particular topic, and then i let them decide what makes sense for them to take action on.

so, as you may be thinking about your new year's resolutions, i encourage you to shoot for the moon, but keep your feet firmly planted on this earth. think about what you really want to do to create more balance in your life, keeping in mind the practical steps it'll take to get you there.

you might be surprised at what you accomplish.❤️

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PerspectiveErin Collins